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Public Works

Stan Kirksey, Department Head               

210 Veteran's Parkway North
Moultrie, GA 31788 

Office: 229-616-7480

Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
                             Monday - Friday
                             Closed on all major holidays

Purpose: The Colquitt County Public Works Department is made up of one superintendent, two sectional supervisors, one engineering technician, one administrative secretary, and thirty-six very special men, which round out the department. The staff is trained and educated in the safety requirements as dictated by law and county policies and procedures. The majority of the employees also serve as Certified Correctional Officers wherein they are authorized to supervise inmate labor from our County Prison. This department is subject to be called into work during inclement weather conditions on a 24-hour basis.

The department is responsible for maintaining all roads and bridges with heavy-duty equipment. We provide service to approximately 555.61 miles of paved roads and 358.91 miles of unpaved roads for a total of 916.52 miles of county roadways. These roads are traveled daily by our tax paying citizens and visitors.

Road Maintenance Operations

This department installs driveways on county right-of-ways, repairs potholes, and removes debris from ditches in addition to grading unpaved roads every two to three weeks weather permitting. This department is also responsible for the maintenance of the shoulders of the roads, mowing, and road sign installation and maintenance.

Road Construction

This department performs road improvement projects to stabilize base on unpaved roads and make drainage improvements. Repairs requiring larger equipment to install pipes and culverts are also completed by the Road Construction crews. These crews are responsible for site-grading projects for the development and improvement of paving projects. This department uses plats to complete deed work and provide assistance in obtaining signed and recorded deeds for road improvement purposes.

Equipment Maintenance

We maintain daily records for fuel usage of light trucks, multi-axle trucks, and heavy equipment. Maintenance records are prepared and maintained for operational cost and budgetary purposes.

Roadside Vegetation Management

Vegetation management on the County's roadsides is performed year-round by trained personnel. Chemical spraying of roadsides reduces the frequency of mowing and controls many weeds, which slows water flow into flood drainage ditches.